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Four Minutes of Towson Lacrosse Doin' Things

Gratuitous Tigers highlights? Sure, whatever.

I'm not really sure what this video is supposed to be. The title seems straightforward enough -- "Towson Men's Lacrosse Gearing Up for a National Championship" -- but I'm not exactly sure that the video addresses that. The film is, like, a bunch of highlights with soundtracks that make me want to dip my face in acid and hope for the best. It's just . . . not what I expected, kind of like seeing a picture of a cute girl on an online dating site and then living the reality of actually meeting that person at a bar, immediately feeling regret and anger because you were lied to by the Internet.

But, the video is chock full of highlights of Towson's team doing things, so that's something. Film narratives: These are things; make them happen.