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THE FACEOFF: 2013 Big East Tournament Infographic

The second and technically last Big East Tournament is here, so THE FACEOFF is here to get you prepped for it.

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE

Every Division I tournament. Every team. College Crosse has it all on lockdown. Please send cookies and naptime. Today we're slashing to bits the Big East Tournament.

For the second straight year, the Big East Tournament is in the suburbs of Philly to ready a team (or teams) for the road to Philadelphia and Championship Weekend. However, it's also part of the end of the Big East lacrosse conference as we know it thanks to realignment. That's okay, though, because this weekend it's all about the fun times and lacrosse, not all the nonsense of teams swapping conferences.

The semifinals are headlined by a matchup that was played just five days earlier at the Meadowlands (/saves this statement for the Ivy League infographic writeup) as Notre Dame squares off against Syracuse. Both teams are stone-cold locks for the NCAA Tournament, but this game can have huge implications on each team's seeding. Teams on the NCAA bubble will be rooting for those two, as the league's top seed -- Villanova -- is currently under .500. Should the Wildcats win the conference tournament like they did the regular season title, there's going to be some bubbles popping. And if Georgetown musters up a magical weekend, then things will get real bananas on Selection Sunday.

THE FACEOFF has got the "Tradition Unlike Any Other" all covered with a little brief history, a little recap, and a lot of cool statistics. Take it away, pretty picture!


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