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Recap! College Crosse's Pre-Fall Ball Top-20


We made it, everyone! Congratulations! Treat yourself to an ice cream cone and all the money that you can stuff into a bag while ransacking the local savings and loan. You deserve it.

I held off on doing a far-too-early preseason ranking thing for a number of reasons, but primarily two: (1) The summer has become riddled with transfers, and an early-June run through of where teams may end up in the 2013 preseason poll is like getting business cards made up with "International Supermodel" on them before seeing how your plastic surgery is going to turn out; and (2) I had better things to do (like meeting with plastic surgeons so that I could make busines cards with "International Supermodel" on them).

I, of course, reserve the right to change these rankings as we approach January -- only four more months until Wagner makes you buy them a Coke so that they feel better about themselves! -- but for now this is what I'm rolling with. Some brief comments follow the recap table.

College Crosse's Pre-Fall Ball Top-20
1. Loyola 11. Virginia
2. Duke 12. Princeton
3. Maryland 13. Syracuse
4. Notre Dame 14. Massachusetts
5. Johns Hopkins 15. Penn State
6. North Carolina 16. Ohio State
7. Colgate 17. Yale
8. Lehigh 18. Hofstra
9. Cornell 19. St. John's
10. Denver 20. Bucknell

Click the team name to read a little blurb full of incredibly important information.


  • As you may have noticed on Twitter (Are you following College Crosse on Twitter? No? Get it done, son!), I futzed around with the six-10 rankings. These will likely change in a few months, but for now, whatever.
  • Teams that were under consideration for the back-end of the tally (in no particular order): Fairfield, Bryant, Villanova, Georgetown, and Drexel. They may or may not pop in to the run come January, but those squads have a little bit of potential and could reside among the nation's top-third at various points of 2013.
  • I'm not completely sold that I like the ranking of teams 13-17. I may be a little soft on Ohio State and Yale and a little strong on Syracuse and UMass. Again, the moon isn't going to crash into Earth if I screwed the pooch on these slottings (I think), but they may change a little bit depending on what happens throughout the fall.
  • Number of teams per league in the above: ACC (four); ECAC, Big East, Patriot, Ivy, and CAA (three); Independent (one). What does this tell me? League races should be fun next season. Also: I apparently hate the America East, MAAC, and NEC with a white-hot rage and if I owned a gun, they wouldn't exist and I'd be in prison and this would be a really awkward blog.

The comments are yours if you have anything to add.