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Public Service Announcement: Prepare for Face Melting

If you're an SB Nation cultist then you've probably already heard the news: Everything is going to look and operate a lot different around these parts in the very near future. It's something the network is calling "SB Nation United," and it's probably going to be the greatest thing ever invented in the history of humankind on this planet or any other. Seriously.

I know that people don't like change. I also know that people like terrific things, which is why I'm not worried about how you're all going to react to College Crosse's flip to the "United" format. I'm not at liberty to provide the entirety of specifics as to how "United" is going to impact College Crosse, but I can tell you that it will look a little something like this . . .


. . . and that you're going to love the entire concept. In addition:

  • "United" is going to make College Crosse load faster and run leaner, which means that all that time you wasted patiently anticipating a horrible surrealistic and hyperbolic anecdote will now be delivered to you at light speed.
  • In terms of content display and associated layout, nothing comes close to what "United" will provide. Basically, the network is taking a laser cannon to clutter and destroying it. The site should, under "United," provide you with an unparalleled experience in receiving and contributing content as a reader. It's kind of like our tech people went to Crate & Barrel and created a web platform that integrates those concepts with web/magazine content necessities. It's pretty super.
  • Every platform imaginable -- mobile, tablet, computer, a bear growling at you, whatever -- is going to provide a seamless experience under "United." I'm serious. This is nuts. Even your Commodore 64 is going to love the new generation of College Crosse.
  • Here's the best part of "United": Those community elements that everyone loves to play with -- FanShots, FanPosts, commenting, GameThreads -- are still kicking around but getting some back-end upgrades and utility. It's always been you guys that drive the site; "United" hasn't forgotten that. You won't even need to re-register your account, you guys.

To be completely honest, I can't wait for the implementation of "United." You guys deserve the best the web has to offer and this platform is going to blow everything else out of the water (as long as I don't screw it up). The integration of content inherent in this thing is mind-blowing from my perspective as the site's manager. I am totally pumped to share this all with you very soon. Get ready, pals and gal pals.