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Happy Fourth; Don't Explode Your Hand, Stupid

Alright, knuckleheads. I'm taking today off from the Internet and you should do so as well. Fill your belly with meats and stuff and generally enjoy America being the most badass of all the badass democratic countries in the world.

Also, if you haven't already, make sure to give a follow to the site on Twitter. The handle is @SexyTimeLax and if you click that link right there, all you have to do is press a button and the magic automatically appears on your feed. Unlike some other feeds, I won't assault you with previously published material and pretend that it's new. It's all fresh and smelling like a baby just pulled from the womb (which actually doesn't seem like it would smell fresh at all).

If you're more into Facebook because you like pictures and quietly wondering whether Katie Henderson got fat since you guys graduated from high school 15 years ago, you can also keep up with College Crosse there: just click this fancy highlighted text and you can get all the news one could possible need. Again, I won't assault you with re-posts of stuff I've already written; get in, get out, and we're all good.

After the jump is a small piece of vitally important material about the 2013 season. Otherwise, I'll talk to you all tomorrow (assuming that you haven't blown your hand off playing with explosive things, stupid).

Here's Will Manny showing you what Massachusetts is potentially staring at in 2013:

That should put to rest and gripes about Massachusetts' strength of schedule should it come into question around NCAA Tournament time.