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Seven Stories and One Set of Beats: July 25, 2012

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

Tom Schreiber Heads to Uganda to Lend a Helping Hand
St. Anthony's graduate had never left the country before this venture.

Danowskis to team up again for Duke lacrosse
John Danowski became the head coach of the Duke lacrosse team in 2006 following the famed scandal that year, inheriting a squad with his son, Matt, as the star player.

Michigan Improvement ’13: Is Emil Weiss an elite goalie?
I’ve heard varying opinions on whether Michigan rising sophomore Emil Weiss is capable of backstopping a top NCAA team. A few people have said they don’t think he has the skill level required, but the numbers – to me, at least – indicate that he’s not only adequate, but in fact exceptional.

Men’s Lacrosse Announces Incoming Freshmen Class For 2013 Season
Head coach Scott Nelson announced his first recruiting class at Binghamton signing 14 incoming players for the upcoming 2013 spring campaign.

Warrior Lacrosse All-Americans
ESPNHS releases its selections for the Warrior Lacrosse All-Americans. Criteria for inclusion in the Warrior Lacrosse All-American boys' team includes, but not limited to: being named a Player of the Year, first team all-league or US Lacrosse All-American. College recruiting status also plays a role in the selection process.

Danowski’s experiences valuable to Duke lacrosse
Matt Danowski always wanted to coach at his alma mater and always wanted to coach on his father’s staff.

UDM Improvement ’13: Injuries
A healthier 2013 should be a more successful 2013 on the field.

Today's beats: People that write for music magazines and generally hate things simply for the sake of hating things argue all the time about whether The Bad Plus are a jazz outfit or something else. That simply misses the point, which is this: The Bad Plus are balls awesome.