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Seven Stories and One Set of Beats: July 2, 2012

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

Friars make it official - hire new lacrosse coach
Providence College names Chris Gabrielli as its new men's lacrosse coach, replacing Chris Burdick. Gabrielli comes to PC from Duke as an assistant.

Lacrosse Grows, But Problems Persist
The teams that would have drawn the most fans--Syracuse, Virginia and Hopkins--didn't make the Final Four. Ticket prices continued to climb and tickets were difficult to purchase. The first option for fans buying tickets is for the entire weekend--all 5 games--instead of just the game they want. Gillette Stadium was less than half full and there were traffic problems for fans and media getting to the Final Four games. New England Patriots games at Gillette Stadium draw many more fans and there are fewer traffic issues for those games.

Ottenbreit Bides Time at Virginia, Ready for U19s
Tanner Ottenbreit has heard the voice before. Patience, my son.

Half Hollow Hills East's Parker, one of Long Island's leading lacrosse attackmen, decides on Binghamton
Things move quickly when it comes to recruiting commitments. Especially this time of year.

The Stickmaker: The Soul of Lacrosse
In the hands of craftsman Alf Jacques, wood bends and changes in ways it won’t for other men. From logs of pale, white hickory, he conjures beauty, grace. He splits, steams and shapes the timber until something exquisite emerges -- something that gleams.

Georgetown Coach Dave Urick on Ed Howard
Back when Ed Howard played, Georgetown Hoya Men’s Lacrosse Coach Dave Urick served as the defensive coordinator of Hobart’s lacrosse program under head coach Jerry Schimdt (Johns Hopkins, National Lacrosse Hall Fame).

Summer Email Exchange: Forman v. Censer Part II
Censer sent the first email, and we kept them going for a full week — from Saturday to Saturday. Here's what transpired...

Today's beats: Shirt optional, son.