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Seven Stories and One Set of Beats: July 10, 2012

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

U.S. Government Confirms: There Are No Mermaids
Sorry, Ariel, looks like you’ll never be part of this world.

Concussion law: 'We are protecting brains'
An athlete getting "his bell rung" or "just dinged" are terms you will not see in new concussion management guidelines published by the state.

SBU Lacrosse Alumni Organization: RECRUITING ROUNDUP
Some recruiting news out of Stony Brook, which, yeah.

2012 Duke vs Maryland NCAA Lacrosse Highlights
Lacrosse matchup in College Park, Maryland on March 3, 2012 between the Duke University Blue Devils and the University of Maryland Terrapins. Won by Terps.

A young Frank Gifford & the 1977 Division I NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship game
Mustard blazer with collars out to his elbows? Yes, please.

LACROSSE: Michigan's First Team Sport
Life in present-day Detroit bears little resemblance to that at the tiny French fort established by Cadillac nearly three centuries ago. Surprisingly, some things have remained unchanged. For example, on any given glorious Michigan midsummer day in the early eighteenth century most women of Detroit area households might have been busily intent on the domestic drudgery that was their lot. But for the men, young and old, the focus of their attention was sports-a ball game in particular. Centuries before baseball, basketball and football dominated the nation's athletic interests, the original American team sport-lacrosse-claimed a similar following among Michigan's native peoples.

5 Under Armour All-Americans That Impressed
ESPN/IL Analyst Mark Dixon chooses 5 players that impressed him during the Under Armour All-American Boys game.

Today's beats: Something Corporate was an awesome band, man.