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Hey! Help Us Make Sure that College Crosse Doesn't Stink!

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Ahoy, boys and girls!

How has the end of the college lacrosse season been treating you? Ah, that well, eh? May I suggest avoiding sharp objects and explosive devices -- like forks affixed to C-4 -- for the next few months. You're too beautiful a human to disappear from this earth in a terrible utensil/plastic explosive accident.

This was a pretty good year around the College Crosse parts. Lots of words were written, lots of folks joined the fun, and, in general, fun and hijinks were had. It was like a summer picnic but on the Internet and without grilled meats, which makes me wonder why I even used that analogy in the first place. I think the tone of the site has begun to find its groove, but I do have three questions for everyone:

  1. What are we doing right?
  2. What are we doing wrong?
  3. What else would you like to see (or in what proportion would you like to see it)?

When I started dictatorial management of the site this season, I had only one goal in mind: Change the conversation about Division I men's college lacrosse. Most sites that work within and around the medium tend to gravitate towards gear and pushing products and all this other culture "stuff." That's fine; there's a place for it and I understand why people are drawn to it. For me, though, I like writing about the game and being a wiseass. I think that kind of conversation, rather than the former, is more respectful to the intelligence of the readership I'm trying to cultivate on the site (even if I'm disappointing half of College Crosse's audience with every post given the hectic nature of the pieces). The result has been an adventure through Division I men's lacrosse that is partly about all the 61 teams that constitute the cohort and partly a window into my personal vision of the game, which is oftentimes smart-alecky and existing in an alternative reality. I have to say that I kind of like where things are headed.

But this isn't all about me. It's all about you guys. You folks are the heartbeat of the site and I want to know what you knuckleheads think College Crosse is doing well and what needs improvement or differentiation. SB Nation prides itself on being fan driven, and that doesn't apply only to the Blog Star's site managers. So, if you'd like, leave a comment or two about what you've seen and what you'd like to see. I won't totally ignore all of it.

And if I haven't said it enough this year I'll say it again: Thank you all so much for coming along on the ride. Without you guys, we're just farting in the dark and blaming it on the dog.