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Too Many Stories and One Set of Beats: Memorial Monday

Blowing it out again today. You're welcome.

Walton's Ratliff in NCAA lax final
Less than 15 years ago, lacrosse in Georgia was not a high school varsity sport, played at a novice level on untended fields and coached by expatriates from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic seeking to spread their beloved game.

Fallen Heroes with Lacrosse Ties to Be Honored at Game Today
The NCAA and the Kraft family will honor two fallen heroes on Memorial Day (May 28) prior to the 2012 NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship Game at Gillette Stadium.

Loyola, Maryland paths cross in lacrosse final
Jimmy Carter was president, "The Deer Hunter" dominated the Academy Awards, the Knacks’ "My Sharona" and Rod Stewart’s "Do ya think I’m sexy?" ruled the air waves and some station called ESPN began broadcasting sports to the masses.

Maryland's 'mosh pit' is a dangerous place
Maryland midfielder Drew Snider scored four times in Saturday's NCAA tournament semifinals, and on each occasion he found himself swarmed with teammates. Just a few yards away, an even larger celebration unfolded every time on the Terrapins' sideline.

Maryland-Loyola: The un-championship
Loyola entered the season unranked. Maryland entered the postseason unseeded.

Loyola's Charley Toomey has no regrets about clock-killing strategy
Greyhounds coach indicates he would call for same if team is nursing late lead vs. Maryland in Monday's final.

Marylands Tillman, Loyolas Toomey set for lacrosse final
Josh Hawkins wound up at Loyola of Maryland through one of those friend-of-a-friend situations.

Loyola Returns to Lacrosse Title Game, Facing Maryland
More than a decade after Loyola Coach Charley Toomey took a $17,000 salary to join the team as an assistant, the top-seeded Greyhounds will play Maryland for the national championship.

Lacrosse stick maker STX invests in new ideas
STX, lacrosse stick maker, invests in research and development to grow along with sport.

Tactical Breakdown: Maryland vs. Loyola
If Saturday’s games are any indication of Monday’s matchup, the team with the early lead will hoist the NCAA championship trophy. Both Loyola and Maryland worked their way to early leads and battled to keep them in their semi-final triumphs.

NCAA Championship Breakdown
This is outside the typical range of content featured on these pages, but Tempo Free Lax has to be put to good use somehow, right? A quick look at both teams in this afternoon’s NCAA Final.

Today's beats: Today is all about those that have sacrificed in their service to this country. We, of course, thank all those men and women that have honor the flag with their commitment and pride. And now, here's the Black Keys (that transition stunk).