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Under Armour Names 2012 High School Lacrosse All Americans


Under Armour took some time away from making the University of Maryland look like a fashion model dressed by grocery bagger and put together its list of 48 high school lacrosse players that may end up on your television doing amazing things in 2013. So, that's something.

I don't following recruiting all that much -- it's creepy and weird and I don't own a conversion van or anything -- but being named a high school All American is pretty big deal. According to the folks that put together this Under Armour game, 21 members of the 2011 USILA All-America list were former Under Armour honorees. That's like receiving a Meritorious Certificate of Achievement in the Field of Eventually Crushing Skulls While Earning a Degree. I'm not even sure that a MacArthur Fellowship carries that kind of prestige.

You can peek at the full list of athletes here (divided by the region they'll be representing). If you want to dazzle your friends with incredible feats of intelligence, here's some stuff about the list:

  • North Carolina is pulling in the strongest crop of incoming freshman from those honored. The Tar Heels nabbed eight of these cats, which is kind of an embarrassment of riches considering the amount of young talent that Joe Breschi already has on his roster.
  • Virginia followed the Tar Heels with six honorees while Duke, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins each reeled in four. In totem, the ACC will see 21 future league players participate in the game. That's . . . well, that's why people argue the merits of nuclear stockpiling against disarmament.
  • Syracuse and Princeton have as many representatives as Michigan and Drexel: one. PRESEASON "WE CAN'T RECRUIT; FIRE EVERYONE!" COMPLAINING ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!

ESPNU will televise the game live from Towson University on June 30, 2012, at 8:00 P.M. Bring your notepad so that you can figure out if any of these folks can play lacrosse based on important things like 40-yard dash time and whether their parents said "Hello!" to you in the parking lot.