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Woof!: College Lacrosse Schedule for April 24, 2012


There hasn't been too many Tuesday dogs this season, but tonight that trend gets kicked right in the pants with little remorse for the human condition. There are only three games tonight -- none that make your heart sing -- with only one arguable highlight:

  • Siena at Albany: IT'S A CAPITAL REGION LACROSSE WAR! EVERYONE PRETEND THAT THE HUDSON RIVER ISN'T AKIN TO THE RIVER OF PINK SLIME IN Ghostbusters II AND HEAD OUT FOR THE CAPITAL REGION LACROSSE WAR! If Albany had beaten UMBC this weekend, there would've been a little more heat around this game. Regardless, the Great Danes are playing substantially better than they did earlier in the season -- notably, Albany has actually won lacrosse games recently -- but there will be a bit of a problem tonight: The demolition firm of Neufeld, Martinsen, and Moor tend to fulfill on their contracts. This has the potential for being tight, but Siena has enough to knock around the Great Danes if they're allowed to lay a fuse.

Otherwise, it's pretty light out there with two inter-conference (one being in-state) meetings. Here's the full schedule for tonight:

APRIL 24, 2012
Dartmouth Vermont 4:00 1.1137 3
St. Joseph's Marist 7:00 1.4195 2
Siena Albany 7:00 4.0802 1

Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: The State of Vermont: Why?) in the comments below.