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The Weekend in Stick: Welcome to the Show, Michigan

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In case you missed it -- and judging by the site stats, you didn't -- I totally flaked out on posting a weekend Internet posting interface thing. There were a couple of reasons for that:

  1. I forgot. Which, as it so happens, is a great way to forget to post things on my Internet computing machine.
  2. The schedule didn't look all that inviting with only one game that had any kind of concentrated juice around it -- North Carolina against Penn State at Kennesaw State University. (Huh? Yup.)
  3. If you were watching games, they were probably scrimmages and it's tough to lug your Internet computing machine outside in 35 degree whether so that you can type into the Internet posting interface thing, "It's cold and Mike Chanenchuk should be nicknamed 'The Garden Weasel.'"

So, because I did you wrong, baby, it's time for "Weekend in Stick," a feature that will last -- at best -- two to three weeks until I forget to post it and it gets replaced by a monologue about lawn tractors and why having a long pole ride one would be both adorable and limit the effectiveness of the zone defense (while simultaneously keeping the goal crease looking better than a neighbor's front yard).

Michigan Gets Its First Taste of Division I and It Tastes Like a Punch to the Mouth

Michigan jumped out to a 2-0 lead against arch-enemy, in-state antagonist, and general ire-receiver from Michigan -- Detroit. (Did I go too far? Yes, probably. Oh, well. It's already written; we've come to far to soften the language.) Then, Detroit started rolling with the punches and eventually went on a six-one run in the final quarter-and-a-half of play to put the Wolverines away 13-9.

John Paul, Michigan's head coach and pilot over uncharted waters, had this to say after the game:

"I'm happy we're here, but I'm not happy with the outcome since we could have been a lot better," Michigan head coach John Paul told after the game. "We didn't come out intimidated and I was proud of the guys. We thought this was a winnable game, and it was a winnable game, and we approached it that way. Every time that they scored we came right back at them, so effort wise I'm real pleased."

Can't knock the effort. (Well, you can, but that's mean and such should be left for cheeky effort-knocking of Wagner and their ever-burning dumpster fire.)

A few more highlights from the weekend after El Jumpo. (My Spanish is a little rusty, que?)

Davey Emala Flees the Tyranny of 'Meh' at Georgetown and Powers Carolina Past Tambroni's Fightin' Tambronis

How's this for a debut with your new outfit -- Four and one with three ground balls and seven shots? That's what Emala did for the Tar Heels this weekend as they fended off a pesky Penn State squad, 14-10. Emala -- new to Tobacco Road after thriving in futility while on Dave Urick's rudderless ship at Georgetown -- showed that Carolina's offensive carpet bombing isn't going to slow down even without the services of Nicky Galasso. (Which, if you're a Division I keeper and the Tar Heels are on your schedule, should make you say, "Rat farts!")

It was pretty tight throughout, with Penn State making valiant efforts to keep it close. Ultimately, the death warrant would be signed with Steven Rastivo's 18 saves, which is like getting served Hamburger Helper at a pot luck dinner when you brought a seven-layer cake that took you the better part of three days to plan, bake, and present.

Delaware has the Conn

It took overtime, but Delaware managed to move to 2-0 after blowing a five-goal third quarter lead. Grant Kaleikauhad four assists, which should merit him a Presidential Volunteer Award for selflessness and making America the best country in the history of countries. Billy Eisenreich tallied two points (1,1), which isn't enough for a Bucknell team that will rely on him heavily this year with the absences of Ryan Klipstein and Mike Danylyshyn.