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Notre Dame Plays for Steaks and Hot Dogs

The winners got meat; the losers got something kind of like meat.

I've only been waiting for this for months. Let's get to the breakdown.

0:08: When we all die, we will look to "Gangnam Style" as the reason humanity was eventually overrun by the animals and robots in their joint coup of Earth. I am quite certain that brain rot and "Gangnam Style" are inexorably linked, causing all known cases of blood leaking out of one's ears.

0:23: "Losers get hot dogs," which is basically another way of saying that eveything associated with baseball is terrible.

1:10: Oddly, this is how I get to work every morning with my fellow commuters.

1:45: Needs more cannons. Also: More guys dressed in a Lynryd Skynyrd shirts, toasting a NASCAR race in turn three atop their rented R.V. Now that'd be America, folks.

2:37: [shakes head; quietly weeps for prosterity]

2:51: Head Lacrosse Coach and Master Chef Kevin Corrigan is standing at the gates of Valhalla.

3:15: Nice touch with the Gatorade bottle as a microphone. It's the little things, people.

4:19: "I think we won and the score shows it." ANALYSIS!

5:26 "I made plenty of stops in my four-year career at Johns Hopkins. All-American four years in a row." "Really, I didn't know that." "Yeah, well now you know." Is this the weirdest vaudeville act you've ever seen or something more abstract? "Hey there, Mr. Green! I hear you owe me $10" "No, I don't." "Well, then."