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Seven Stories and One Set of Beats: November 5, 2012

Picking fall winners, Towson announces its schedule, and what should we expect in the spring?

This is obviously your favorite site, but other people actually write important stuff sometimes. Now is that sometimes.

Chemotti Tabbed To Lead Men’s Lacrosse Program
Dan Chemotti was named the head men's lacrosse coach at the University of Richmond on Monday.

| @Towson_MLAX Announces 2013 Schedule
The Tigers will play a challenging 15-game schedule that features a home tilt against defending NCAA champions Loyola (Md.) on February 20 at 7 p.m.

2013 Legal Pockets - Ohio State & Lehigh
We were a little surprised to find one stick that was definitely NOT 2013 legal during the Lehigh – OSU game, but hey, maybe he just hasn’t found the right legal pocket yet! Thankfully, there is still time… For Game Photos featuring OSU and Lehigh, you know where to go!

ND Lax: Midterms, Navy Scrimmage and On The Field at Notre Dame Stadium
Hello again, lacrosse fans, blog fans, supermodels, and others reading this blog. It is time for the second Notre Dame lacrosse blog. This week’s edition covers the final week leading up to our fall break.

Class One Q&A: Mike Hernandez
In the tenth entry in the question and answer series for Class One, the first recruiting class of the U-M men's lacrosse team, Mike Hernandez, a Piedmont High School (Calif.) graduate is profiled. Hernandez was team captain his senior year, as well as a US Lacrosse High School All-American.

Staff Debate: Fall 'Winner'
While that question -- "Who 'won' fall?" -- is hard to innumerate — how do you define a winner in the fall? — the staff discusses it for this week's staff debate.

30 in 30: With Fall Over, What to Expect in Spring?
To conclude our 30 in 30 series, the LM staff has one more question to answer: Now that fall ball is over, what do you expect to see in the spring?

Today's beats: There's a lot of people still hurting in the New York area today from the storm. Please help any way you can.