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Attention People with Mobile Things: College Crosse is Now Sexier

We live in an awesome country.

From our pals at Blog Huddle (a blog about blogs, which, yeah).

At Vox Media and SB Nation, we're always working hard to improve the user experience. We realize that it's our communities, our interactivity and your opinion of that experience that is the lifeblood of what we do.

With that in mind, we launched an update to our mobile platform to address existing concerns as well as implement many proactive changes to improve your overall experience with those devices on the go.

Here are the changes that were included in the latest update to our mobile platform.

1) Footer changes: This is the one change that is across all versions of the sites. We put more emphasis on the community in the footer, adding both the site logo and links to FanPosts, FanShots, the site navigation. This is now responsive and re-organized as well.
2) Mobile header changes: We've visually separated the header from the page content with a drop shadow and changed the format of the nav drop-down (including making the button larger).
3) Navigation dropdown: Optimized this for better looking fonts.
4) Article changes: We did a lot of clean-up on the mobile view of article pages that removed a lot of clutter, including:

  • Moving the top comment count icon to the same line as the author byline.
  • Shrinking the size of Facebook, Twitter, and Recommend buttons beneath the article
  • Removing comment count directly beneath the article (redundant since the top of the comments section has the count as well)
  • Removing Recent Posts and Trending Stories from the mobile view of the article pages (The Next Read remains)
  • Toned down the treatment for The Next Read so it does not add any clutter between content and the comments.
  • Increased font size of the Comments header.
  • Cleaned up the comment header to look a little nicer.

We're 100 percent committed to making sure that your experience in your chosen SB Nation communities are the best they can be. We're going to continue iterating and will never stop striving to reach the perfect user experience. Thanks and feel free to give us any more feedback. We're listening.