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Shawn Nadelen Turns Words Into Sentences to Speak About Towson's Schedule

As if you needed to read another piece about a team's schedule.

Towson is coming off an important season, it's first under Shawn Nadelen. While the wins in 2012 weren't especially impressive, there were seven of them in 2012, four more than in 2011. And that's a good thing for a Tigers program with potential, although a five-game losing streak to close the season isn't something that Nadelen -- or anyone else associated with Towson -- wants to see.

In 2013 the Tigers are going to have work to do. In addition to its THUNDERDOME! slate -- which will feature Hofstra, Drexel, Penn State, and Massachusetts -- the Tigers will face two of the nation's best in Johns Hopkins and Loyola, and three competitive peers -- Stony Brook, Navy, and UMBC -- that aren't going to wave Towson in for a mission accomplished landing. This is a situation where the Tigers' record could suffer, but the team -- in the overall -- could be improved. Crazy days, I say.

Let's break down the video.


0:10: Shawn Nadelen, conducting this video from, apparently, a polar ice cap after a scientific expedition that resulted in him finding out that the polar ice crap is now a worn and sad utility athletic field.

0:50: "Whenever the guys get to see who we're going to play against, they have a good understanding, you know, of who our opponents are going to be." Well, yeah. No doink. If that isn't the case, there's a serious drought of comprehension taking place in Towson and plays should probably be written on a piece of construction paper with crayon.

1:26: Nadelen wants Loyola. Now.