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1992 Princeton Did 1992 Princeton Things

It's Friday. Let's watch a movie!

Hell yeah, bucket helmets!

It's hard for me to stomach the fact that this video is "old" (hell, I was 11 when these games were happening and the only thing "old" about me is that I'm grouchy that people would consider 1992 a far-distant past where we all rode dinosaurs to get to our jobs breaking stones); my preferred term would be "vintage." So, there.

1992 was a turning point kind of season for college lacrosse. Under Bill Tierney, Princeton secured its first NCAA title and did so by entering the tournament as the three-seed and slayed Syracuse in the national championship (a team that had been to four of the five preceding title games, winning three titles in that span). After getting the win at Franklin Field, the Tigers would go on to dominate the '90's in destructive fashion, winning four more titles and missing Championship Weekend only twice -- in 1995 and 1999 (both seasons ended with losses to Syracuse).

Plus, you know, there's all the awesome pieces that were kicking around that team: Kevin Lowe, Scott Bacigalupo, Dave Morrow, Mike Mariano, etc.


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