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Providence Beats the Sun and Gets Work Done

Chris Gabrielli has his club hammering the brick before dawn.

The Friars, not unlike their conference rivals down at Georgetown, are going through a culture change under Chris Gabrielli. The neophyte head coach, along with dual assistant coaches that, combined, don't have a decade of coaching experience, has been working at getting Providence moving in the right direction this fall. The Friars are 43-81 since 2005, and if Providence hopes to reverse its situation, it all starts with re-dedication and powering through the fall like a combustion engine filled with rocket fuel.

Let's break down the video:

0:02: "Good morning, this is Coach Gabrielli." This should immediately be followed by, "Welcome to boot camp. You're a piece of human garbage. Give me a thousand push ups and run to France and back. And do it in just under an hour, punk."

0:09: Hopscotch conditioning! Or, Providence is training for dance-fighting. Either way, shine on you crazy diamonds.

0:31: Variance on hopscotch conditioning, now with clapping! "1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 8. Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!"

0:41: At the Big East family picnic, Providence is going to dominate the field games. Blue ribbons for the Friars!

0:56: That looks like a miserable way to do push ups. Just, icky. I'd trade my hands for hooks so that I wouldn't have to do that.

1:01: "Hey! Look at this trick I can do! Hey! Lookit! See? I'll do it again. That's my trick!"

1:16: So, everyone else in the weight room is doing all these ridiculous things -- flipping plates, doing push ups on training balls, jumping over coolers filled with beers or something -- and this guy is just, like, I'm going to do some sit ups. Old school, son.

1:43: Training on a field hockey surface has to be murder on the knees and ankles. Providence really needs its new facility, stat.