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Proof: Michigan Lacrosse

The evidence isn't clear.

This is admittedly a little stale in terms of publication (it was produced about seven months ago, likely to coincide with Michigan's foray into Division I lacrosse), but I just came across it this past weekend while futzing through Vimeo. (I was looking for proof of the Sasquatch. I thought "Vimeo" was Sasquatch for "My Sasquatchian Biography." It turns out that I was wrong, man. There were videos about the Sasquatch, but no confessionals from the Sasquatch itself. That was a wasted six hours on the site. I should've done something boring like taking my grandmother to the hospital because she was having a stroke. Live and learn, I guess.)

The underlying theme of the video, though, still applies in substantial part to Michigan's second effort -- Year Two, supported by Class One -- at the highest level of collegiate lacrosse. This is a Michigan team that carries with it one of the most powerful names in college athletics and, yet, must suffer through the pain of making the jump to Division I lacrosse like everyone else. The Wolverines haven't announced their 2013 schedule yet, but regardless of what names appear on it, this is still a program that needs to prove to itself (before it proves to the world) that it is ready to seriously compete in its cohort. Despite all the beliefs that Michigan will eventually contend among the elites in Division I, this is still a team that endured a one-win season in 2012 -- a 14-4 defeat of Mercer.

The Wolverines have started to lay the evidence of its capabilities, but unimpeachable proof is still lacking. Discovery takes time, and there's nothing wrong with a sustained and efficient process that yields results on a realistic timeline. This should all eventually come into focus, but everyone is still investigating what the time line is for the Wolverines' capability for committing opponent homicide. There are no smoking guns here; everything will reveal itself when necessary.