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"Goalie Embarrassment," A Novella by North Carolina's Attack

Wooo! Goals!

North Carolina featured one of the most potent attack units in the country last year, a unit that had the luxury of moving an All-America -- Nicky Galasso, now a ronin seeking purpose -- into a secondary capacity (due, in part, to a flat tire that never quite inflated). After Joe Breschi and Associates, LLC bumped Marcus Holman from the midfield to down low, the attack, as a unit, seemed to soar. In fact, on the year, the Heels' attack led the team in point generation -- Holman (74), Joey Sankey (44), and Jimmy Bitter (41) (this trio accounted for about 46 percent of the teams total offensive points).

Now, these three cats weren't solely responsible for Carolina's 11th-ranked offense in terms of adjusted offensive efficiency -- the midfield did run two 20-point guys in 2012 (Chad Tutton and Davey Emala) and Thomas Wood, in only 14 appearances, hit the double-decade mark -- but the unit was still the major focal point for Carolina last season.

But that relationship distinction doesn't mean a heck of a lot right now. What means a heck of a lot right now is watching 7:48 of Carolina's attack abusing opposing defenses and nets. Let ropes be ripped!