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Whither Boston University Club Lacrosse?

Boston University is going Division I and will likely take some club cats with them. But it may also be the end of BU club lacrosse.

The MCLA Operating Policy is simultaneously open and restrictive: you can play unless you can't play. Article 1, Section 1.4(a) of the agreement is one of those dichotomous efforts:

MCLA participation shall be open to all intercollegiate men's lacrosse teams that are recognized organizations at their academic institutions, but that do not compete in the NCAA.I understand why the MCLA has this restriction -- you don't want Division I schools to use an MCLA club program as a junior varsity; that just isn't fair for sporting gentlemen -- but it does hurt all those cats that may no longer have a decent club optionshould varsity-status not quite suit their talents or desires. [frowny face]

Hopefully Boston University makes the best of it next season, its last in MCLA. Much was made of Richmond's decision to cut two sports to make way for men's lacrosse, but there are also some casualties when a school like Boston University -- which went about this the best way possible -- decides to pursue Division I lacrosse.

Also: Indoor practice facility? Indoor practice facility.