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Michigan Interviews Michigan About Michigan's Fall

Andrew Portnoy interviews Michigan head coach John Paul about the Wolverines second go around Division I.

Hey, it's Friday! Let's watch a movie!

Michigan attack Andrew Portnoy continues his interviews of very important Michigan lacrosse people with a 2:00 conversation with Wolverines head coach, John Paul. Paul touches base on Michigan's efforts at the Colleluori Classic, the impact of the new rules, and Michigan's coaching clinic series (which started last night).

A few notes:

  • Paul: "We're ahead of where we were last year." Paul couches that with subsequent statements about how much work the Wolverines still have to do this fall, but that has to be a good sign for all the folks that are patiently waiting for Michigan to start crushing skulls (or at least dent them).
  • Paul on the new rules: "I don't know that it's really sped up what happens in a six-on-six settled situation, but there's no question there's been a lot more transition." It's not much of a secret that Michigan approached their offensive situations in a pragmatic ways in 2012; the influx of transition-oriented postures could significantly impact how Michigan goes about its business in 2013.
  • Portnoy's pre-prepared question crib-sheet is just adorable.