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College Crosse chat's with Under Armour All-American Myles Jones

Myles Jones will add a major boost to the Blue Devil offense in 2013 (via Inside Lacrosse)
Myles Jones will add a major boost to the Blue Devil offense in 2013 (via Inside Lacrosse)

Standing at 6'4", Myles Jones is easy to find on the field.  A talented three sport athelte out Walt Whitman High School in Huntington, NY, Jones will become a Duke Blue Devil after a short stop over at the Salisbury School for a year of post grad player under coach Bobby Wynne,

Jones is a dream of an athlete for any coach.  Standing taller than many fellow midfielders and opposing defenders, Jones put up 45 goals and 30 assists in 2011.  He also added 201 ground balls.

A two time All Tri-State selection and three time All-County player, Jones will fit in nicely for Coach Danowski in Durham.

I got a chance to speak with the midfielder about a week after he played in the 2011 Under Armour All-American Classic in Towson, Md., in which he scored a goal and assised on another.

College Crosse: Can you talk about the experience of playing in the Under Armour All-American game?

Myles Jones: Playing in the UA All-American game was a very special experience and very humbling to say the least. Playing with and against great players from around country was a fun experience and I was able to meet a lot of people from the boys and girls teams.

CC: Talk about your decision to take P.G. [Post Grad] before heading to Duke?

MJ: My decision to PG was solely based on an experience. Playing for Coach [Bobby] Wynne will give me the experience and lacrosse knowledge that will be essential to my success in college. A PG year will also be helpful as I develop college atmosphere skills unlike public school and allow me to work on my strength and physical self.

CC: What went into the decision to choose Duke and what about their team and program is it that you liked?

MJ: Duke is just a place you can’t turn down when given the opportunity. Coach Danowski is a "player's coach" because he’s a great guy on and off the field. He's a teacher of the game and he'll show you the right way to do things but give you freedom to play using your ability.

CC: Talk about your future Duke teammate and fellow U.A. All-American teammate Kyle Keenan and his game?

MJ: Kyle Keenan is a dynamic quarterback attackman. He’s obviously known for his vision but he has an underrated shiftiness that is very over-looked.

CC: Can you describe your game to the lacrosse readers and Duke fans out there? What you will add to the Duke roster?

MJ: My game consists of using my athletic ability and size to my advantage. Being athletic, I take advantage of the "end-to-end" style of lacrosse that I feel comfortable playing in.

CC: Lastly, what parts of your game are you looking to improve?

MJ: In the future, I would like to improve my whole skill set but definitely my shooting. Playing at a high level of lacrosse, shooting is a huge part of the game especially as a midfielder.