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2011 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Final Four Open Thread: (7) Virginia at (6) Denver

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There simply isn't a bigger stage for men's college lacrosse.  It's the Final Four, boys and girls, and today's first semifinal is going to look like a Fourth of July fireworks show: Explosions, the roar of thunderous applause, and bad ass American rock and roll.

Well, maybe not that rock and roll stuff.  That metaphor didn't make much sense.  Whatever.  I'm a professional writer.

Virginia and Denver kick off Saturday's double-dip.  The Cavaliers -- a member of lacrosse royalty as of late with eight trips to Memorial Day Weekend over the last decade -- are seeking their fifth overall title, the fourth under current head coach Dom Starsia.  Virginia has the pedigree and legacy and are only one of only six teams to win a title in the last 20 years. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Denver, a start-up outfit championed by former Princeton front man Bill Tierney.  Participating in only its third tournament ever -- the first that it has progressed past the first-round -- the Pioneers are looking to turn some heads and set a solid foundation for the future.  They've charged through the tournament this year, dispatching Villanova before a raucous home crowd in Denver and absolutely put the screws to Johns Hopkins in Hofstra last weekend.

This one should be an offensive showcase worth the two hours you're going to spend on the couch watching it.

Justin is live from Baltimore and I'll be around to ruin the Internet with my personal brand of stupidity.  Your comments are valuable as well, so leave all of those beautiful bon mots in the handy dandy commenting device.


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