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2011 NCAA Lacrosee Open Thread: (6) Denver at (3) Johns Hopkins

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UPDATE: Game will start at 3:01.

You guys!

It's the new school versus the old school.  New money versus old money.  Something else that's contemporary versus something else that isn't as contemporary.

They're not going to settle it with a dance-off. Instead, they'll settle it with face-offs and stuff.

It's Johns Hopkins and Denver, each battling for a spot in the national semifinals next week in Baltimore, Maryland.  The Blue Jays are seeking their 29th trip to the insanity that is Memorial Day Weekend while the Pioneers are looking for their first. It won't be easy for either team: Johns Hopkins is going to have to deal with one of the most-potent offenses in the country while Denver will need to crack one of the toughest defensive nuts in the land.

It should be a doozy and the opening draw is scheduled for 2:30. ESPN2 has your television coverage.

Here's a quick comparison table for the game:

Fun Factor 6.40 (5th) 6.40 (6th)
Pace 66.68 (30th) 64.56 (41st)
Adjusted Offensive Efficiency 36.96 (1st) 32.55 (10th)
Adjusted Defensive Efficiency 26.07 (19th) 22.76 (5th)
Adjusted Efficiency Margin 10.89 (4th) 9.79 (6th)
For the record, this game rates as a 6.4023 on the "Fun Factor" scale, the second-best rating of the weekend.  A big reason for that is that each of these teams are rolling out some studs:

M. Matthews Denver 7.72 3.86 11.58 (5th)
A. Demopoulos Denver 5.09 4.74 9.82 (14th)
C. Flint Denver 4.21 1.75 5.96 (129th)
E. Law Denver 2.46 2.11 4.56 (191st)
J. Noble Denver 2.28 2.11 4.39 (199th)
C. Boland Hopkins 5.97 2.99 8.96 (28th)
Z. Palmer Hopkins 4.10 4.48 8.58 (37th)
K. Wharton Hopkins 5.78 1.49 7.28 (81st)
J. Ranagan Hopkins 3.17 2.43 5.60 (147th)
J. Greeley Hopkins 2.61 2.24 4.85 (182nd)

O/R = Offensive rating (goals per 100 offensive possessions).
A/R = Assist Rate (assists per 100 offensive possessions).
T.O.V. = Total Offensive Value (points per 100 offensive possessions).

Justin is live from Hofstra today and will have some comments on the game.  Your comments are valuable as well, so leave all of those beautiful bon mots in the handy dandy commenting device.


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