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2011 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Open Thread: Maryland at (8) North Carolina

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You guys! 

Yesterday was pretty awesome, right?  A full day of lacrosse, likely filled with fatty and delicious take-out grub and gallons of beer.  You can't draw it up better than that, right?

Well, guess what?  You totally can draw it up better than that!  You get to do it all again today!

The first game of the day is a monster mash: Maryland, holding a surprising unseeded position following a tough loss to Colgate last weekend at Byrd Stadium, heads down to Chapel Hill to battle ACC foe North Carolina.  There's a strong likelihood that neither Grant Catalino or Joe Cummings will go today and even if they do, they will probably be limited.

North Carolina will look to avenge its loss to the Terrapins in the ACC "Tournament" with a win today in the rivalry's rubber match.  With offensive weapons like Nicky Galasso, Billy Bitter, and Marcus Holman, the Tarheels have plenty of guns available to take down a rugged Maryland team.

This one should be a beauty and the two teams start trading blows at 1:00 on ESPN.

Justin will be along to provide some in-game commentary and post-game thoughts.  He'll rock this all out right after the jump.  Your comments are valuable as well, so leave all of those beautiful bon mots in the handy dandy commenting device.


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