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2011 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Open Thread: Hartford at (2) Cornell

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You guys! 

Do you totally love watching a homicide in progress?  Well, not right in front of you (that's gross), but maybe on TV?  Really?  Me too!  It's totally awesome, right?!?

Cornell is set to pistol-whip the ever living existence out of Hartford tonight up in Ithaca, New York.  I mean, if General Custer were alive, he'd be like, "Man, this thing is going get to ugly.  And trust me, I know ugly."

The best chance for Hartford to avoid getting walloped about the brow as if it committed some heinous crime against humanity is to control the draws and drive the pace of this sucker square into the ground.  Patience is a virtue, and the Hawks have a guy at the dot that can win them the ball whenever he wants.  This isn't a miserable Hartford team, but they are wickedly overmatched.

And, of course, there's Rob Pannell and the Cornell Big Red.  It's not likely that they'll give much of a damn about having mercy and, as a consequence, probably drop a 10-spot before the halftime whistle blows.

It should be a hell of a murder and it all starts at 7:30 on ESPNU.

Justin will be along to provide some in-game commentary and post-game thoughts.  He'll rock this all out right after the jump.  Your comments are valuable as well, so leave all of those beautiful bon mots in the handy dandy commenting device.


Profile: Hartford Hawks
Profile: Cornell Big Red