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2011 NCAA Lacrosse Tournament Open Thread: Delaware at (5) Duke

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UPDATE: Duke's primary goalie -- Dan Wigrizer -- isn't playing today.  His head melon is suffering from the effects of a concussion. 

You guys!  This game is totally awesome!  It's the Blue Devils against the Blue Hens!  It's totally to decide who gets to claim ownership of the best blue things in the history of history!

Sorry.  I apparently let a 13 year-old girl pilot the writing ship for one hot second.

This game has the potential for explosion; the only question is whether or when it will happen.  Going into the THUNDERDOME! (CAA) tournament last week, Delaware was one of the faster teams in the country, looking to push the tempo a bit when given the opportunity.  Against Hofstra and Massachusetts, however, the Blue Hens really tried to control possession, pushing the tempo of the game to a more leisurely pace.

Please don't do that today.  Please don't do that today.  Please don't do that today.

Duke, regardless of opponent, wants to create some fireworks.  With guys like Justin Turri, Jordan Wolf, Zach Howell, and Christian Walsh, the Blue Devils really have a host of offensive weapons that can generate scores however they choose.

It should be a hell of a show and it all starts at 5:00 on ESPNU.

Justin will be along to provide some in-game commentary and post-game thoughts.  He'll rock this all out right after the jump.  Your comments are valuable as well, so leave all of those beautiful bon mots in the handy dandy commenting device.


Profile: Delaware Blue Hens
Profile: Duke Blue Devils