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Paying Bills is Boring: April 6, 2011 Lacrosse Schedule

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That is a picture of angry men.  Why are they angry?  You may think that they're angry because they're receiving jury wages, but that'd be a gross misunderstanding of reality.

They're angry, in fact, because the 12th jury member (not pictured) is showing them a rash he recently received in a sensitive area.  As you can see, Henry Fonda is shocked that the guy hasn't checked into the Mayo Clinic or something.

Anyway, there's only one game tonight: Tigers at Retrievers.  It's a mid-week interconference battle royale, or something like that.  Towson is coming off of a bludgeoning at the hands of Hofstra; UMBC is barely treading water at 2-5 overall.  With Massachusetts looming in the Tigers' front windshield, Towson can't afford to drop a decision to a team that it should dispatch with relative aplomb.

APRIL 6, 2011
Towson UMBC 7:30 1.4414 1 (Duh)
Leave your comments about the game or anything else (QUERY: If you replaced your arm with a lacrosse stick, would life be easier or just more slashy?) in the comments below.