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Don't Work Overtime: April 5, 2011 Lacrosse Schedule

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This is a picture of a man playing with an alligator.  It's an allegory of a timeless tale with the moral being as follows: Morons get eaten by alligators.

The men's lacrosse slate for tonight is six games deep but there really isn't a hot one on the stove.  Holy Cross will attempt to take itself out the running for "Reverse Survivor," but the likelihood of that actually happening is slim.  Brown-Bryant is an in-state slap fight, but it's bordering on the completely unwatchable.  Marist could nip Lafayette, but that, too, is as likely as the man pictured above not dying from a not-so-freak alligator accident.

APRIL 5, 2011
Holy Cross Vermont 4:00 0.9716 6
Providence Yale 7:00 3.4210 3
Brown Bryant 7:00 1.9776 4
Manhattan Hofstra 7:00 3.5549 2
Georgetown Mount St. Mary's 7:00 3.6487 1
Marist Lafayette 7:00 1.3408 5

Leave your comments about the games or anything else (QUERY: What's your preferred profession -- Time cop or Judge Dredd?) in the comments below.