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Laxurday Internet Talking Interface: April 16, 2011

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What happens when 92 percent of Division I decides to lace 'em up on the same day? 

I'm going to guess "Free fries at Wendy's?"  Maybe "The fall of dictatorial governmental regimes?"

How the hell should I know the answer to that question?  I write nonsense on the Internet; I don't study butterfly effect or game theory, son.

As always, there are the "Fun Factor" games today, the funnest of the fun.  They're like a wind-up box of excitement, exploding with so much fun that it'll entertain and probably strike fear into small children. 

There are, however, other games not mentioned in that piece that are worthy of your attention as well:

  • Towson-Penn State.  Tambroni and the Nittany Lions could use a THUNDERDOME! win against the moribund Tigers.
  • Brown-Yale.  Each is jockeying for position in the pink-polo'd Ivy League.
  • Colgate-Lafayette.  The Raiders are looking to stay unblemished in the Patriot League leading up to their huge game against Bucknell next week.

This is your open thread for the day.  People will be around to yak about whatever is tickling their fancy.