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Syracuse Goalie John Galloway on Tonights Game vs. Virginia

Galloway says he "Respects the hell out of UVa goalie Adam Ghitelman"
Galloway says he "Respects the hell out of UVa goalie Adam Ghitelman"

Got a chance to speak with goalie John Galloway about the matchup between Syracuse and Virginia tonight.  In a game like this you almost have to feel bad for the goalies, as both teams shoot at will and will have many opportunities. 

That being said, there is no doubt Galloway is up for the challenge. 

Here is a transcript of what we talked about:

College Crosse: Where do you begin when trying to slow down the Virginia offense?  The attack duo of Stanwick and Bocklett is hard enough and then they come at you from the midfield with the Brattons and Lapierre, etc. 

John Galloway: With the UVA offense, it really is pick your poison. They are dangerous from the attack and two midfield lines, and you really just have to stick to your basics and I need to make saves for my defense. The nice part about this game is mistakes can be made, and because of the high tempo, can be made up for. 

CC: What does this rivalry/game mean to you.  What does it mean to have it back in the Dome for one last time as a senior?

JG: This rivalry is big to us because it is why you come to play college lacrosse at a program like Syracuse. Friday night in front of thousands of people can't get much better. We have had a few great games with these guys, and have been on the unfortunate side a few too many times. We look at this as our last shot in front of our friends and family to get a big win early on in the year.

CC: When all is said and done, win or lose, how fun is this game to be a part of?

JG: Regardless of this outcome, this game is going to go down as one of my finest memories in college. To have a chance to play with this team, in this scenario, is a dream come true. I used to dream about these games when I was a kid, and now I have a chance to be apart of it. We won't take a second for granted and have a great time friday night playing the game we love.

CC: Talk about the opposing goalie Adam Ghitelman and the mini-rivalry you two have gone through over the years?

JG: Adam and I seem to run into each other in some of the best stages of lacrosse. We had similar schools recruiting us in high school and competed in the Empire games. When we got to college, it didn't stop. After U-19 tryouts and a few overtime games, it feels like we really have built something between us. I respect the hell out of Adam and the way he plays the game. I see him as a friend, and Friday night we are both going to go out there and have fun while trying to give our team the best shot to win.