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A few Lax Videos to Get Your Day Going

In anticipation of the Big City Classic, here a few videos to get you excited for what is to come on Sunday.

No offense St Johns/Rutgers, couldnt find much to post.  BUT, check these out.

If you didnt read my random thought from yesterday about Ryan Flanagan and what he means to UNC and the home stretch of the season, here you go.  He simply gives his opponent nothing to work with and is the quintessential shut down defender.

Kyle Wharton is a huge piece of the Johns Hopkins offense--here is a big reason why: #Nasty

Does Billy Bitter have a breakout game Sunday against Hopkins?  We shall see.  Check out this highlight reel with some ankle breaking moves from the senior attackman:

One way to beat Hopkins will be to create offense from the midfield and force Pierce Bassett to make stops.  Jimmy Dunster will be a big part of the offense on Sunday and if he can get open it will mean only good things for the Tar Heels. 


This play sort of describes the type of run(s) UNC went on last weekend against Maryland.  With Flanagan starting the break, it often ends with the attack finishing, a la this video...where Marcus Holman buries it against Navy