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Random Thought of the Day #1

Duke Has Woke Up and is Again A Premier Team in the Country
Duke Has Woke Up and is Again A Premier Team in the Country

Who do you attempt to shut down if you are Syracuse come this Sunday?  Looking at the score sheet from last night, the Blue Devils can really score from many different positions on the field.  Yes majority is coming from the attack, but they are at many different spots on the field and that will be an interesting test for the Orange on Sunday.

We all know about Zach Howell, as he is one of the premier players in the nation.  So let's say John Lade plays his usual way and holds Howell to maybe a goal and an assist on the day, maybe two goals.  Where do they go from there?

From last night's game against Brown:

Duke 12
Zach Howell
Jordan Wolf
Christian Walsh
Robert Rotanz
Josh Offit
Bill Conners
Tucker Virtue
Justin Turri
Greg Deluca
Jake Tripucka
David Lawson
(2, 1)
(2, 1)
(2, 0)
(2, 0)
(1, 1)
(1, 0)
(0, 1)
(0, 1)
(0, 1)
(1, 0)
(1, 0)

It may be a much different line up than the average lacrosse fan is used to seeing, as the Blue Devils are playing post Ned Crotty and Max Quinzani lacrosse, but Howell has found a way to right the ship after a 1-2 start and back to back losses to Notre Dame and UPenn. 

I expect long stick midfielder Joel White to play against Justin Turri, who is the teams top midfielder.

Here is the teams top seven scorers (via

2011 Roster
# Name Pos Yr Hometown G A P
21 zach howell a sr huntington, ny 25 8 33
31 jordan wolf a fr wynnewood, pa 18 10 28
12 justin turri m jr west islip, ny 10 8 18
19 christian walsh a fr somewhere, ma 11 7 18
25 josh offit a so bethesda, md 10 4 14
2 david lawson m so westford, mass 9 4 13
26 robert rotanz m jr westport, conn 9 3 12