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Your Girlfriend is Boring: March 29, 2011 Lacrosse Schedule

Let's negotiate: Watch these games or die.  Deal?  via <a href=""></a>
Let's negotiate: Watch these games or die. Deal? via

There isn't a lot juice on this beautiful Tuesday, but Duke's going at it, looking to carry on its reign as the most funnest of fun lacrosse teams.  So, that's something.  If the Devils don't beat Brown by four or five, though, I'd be shocked.

What the color of sh*t?

Brown . . . Brown. . . .

Massachusetts against Harvard is an interesting one.  The Minutemen haven't played for ten days, which is probably due to the fact that their equipment manager went on an extended vacation to Aruba with the team's uniforms.*  Harvard, on the other hand, is looking to avenge their loss to Dartmouth Saturday up in Hanover.  So, that's something else.

Penn State-Bucknell will tell us a lot about both teams.  While it may not be the most fun game to watch, it is important in the national context.  And don't I know all about your love of context.  Remember when we would summer on the Cape and you'd wax poetic about the national context?  Yup, those were the days.  I never forgot that.

And Binghamton still has a lacrosse team.  And they will lose to Lehigh, because Lehigh's team is competitive and Binghamton's team is Binghamton. 

MARCH 29, 2011
Brown Duke 3:00 6.2226 1
Binghamton Lehigh 7:00 3.0181 4
Massachusetts Harvard 7:00 3.5033 2
Penn State Bucknell 7:00 3.4461 3

If you have something to say, leave it in the comments below because shouting really loudly doesn't really transfer through Internet cables. 

* This may or may not be true. I am efforting a confirmation.