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The new #22: Jojo Marasco answers some questions with College Crosse

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The new #22
The new #22

Everyone knows Jojo Marasco has talent.  During the 2010 season, fans all around got to see a glimpse of it before a shin injury ended his freshman season five games early. 

After a lengthy rehab, Marasco is ready to get the 2011 season underway.  Fresh with a new jersey number and a new attitude on the game he loves so much, Marasco is ready to show the lacrosse world why he is worthy to wear the illustrious #22 for the Syracuse Orange.

The Somers, N.Y., native stopped by and answered some questions on the upcoming season, his injury, his love for the sport of hockey and the rivalry between him and his brother.

College Crosse: So lets talk about the injury from 2010.  How are you feeling and are you 100 percent?

Jojo Marasco: The injury last year was very tough. It ended up being a stress fracture in my shin and I was unable to play the last five games. It was one of the worst feelings I have ever felt being hurt and not being able to help the team on the field. I will be 100 percent for the 2011 season and am looking forward to a great season with the team.

CC: How badly did you want to be out on the field as the Orange were upset by Army in the first round of the NCAA playoffs last year?


JM If I was granted one wish in my life it would be to have played in that game and gotten a chance to show my team what i can do and play with them. It was a terrible feeling and I hope I never feel that way again.

CC: On that note, not everyone knows but your brother plays for Army.  What was it like playing against him earlier in the year?[Jojo's brother is a senior defenseman for the Black Knights]

JM: It was a great experience to be able to play against Matt. He is a great defenseman and its always a battle against us two. I get another chance this year in febuary and i am very excited.

CC: What does it mean to you that you will have the honor of wearing #22 at Syracuse University?  Do you feel any added pressure or its just another day and another game?

JM: To be honest with you it is a great honor.  To be wearing the jersey that Gary Gait once wore or the Powell [Casey, Ryan and Mike] brothers, [Charlie] Lockwood,[Dan] Hardy and [Cody] Jamieson. All of them are some of the best players to ever play the sport of lacrosse. I do feel added pressure but I like it. It makes me work harder and harder everyday to be a leader on and off the field and show my teammates I am ready to play and show my role as a player and play for a national championship.

CC: Do you feel you can be the quarterback of the SU offense, something the team has been missing since Kenny Nims graduated in 2009?

JM: I feel very confident with filling the role of a quarterback. I feel like it is my type of game playing behind the net and seeing the field. I love being able to call out the plays and become a feeder to finishers like [Tim]Desko and [Stephen] Keogh. I am really excited about this season and being able to contribute to my team.

CC: Another thing not many people know about you is that you could have played Division I hockey.  Talk about how the two sports are similar and how hockey helped you get to the point you are at today in your lacrosse career?

JM: Hockey is an unbelievable sport . I miss it alot. It was a great game and it relates to lacrosse in many ways. I believe it helped me with my hand eye cordination and hands very much. It is also a very fast paced game and I believe that helped me when I got to college for lacrosse. Hockey gave me an opportunity to push my self in lacrosse and eventually gave me a chance to play lacrosse at Syracuse.

CC: Lastly, what can we expect out of this 2011 Orange lacrosse team?

JM: A team that will never give up. We lost one of the biggest games in Syracuse history last year and we are coming back with a vengence. You will see a team that follows the motto of "head, heart, hustle,"and will be all over the field. We are ready and will play each game like it is our last.