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Syracuse Has Been Waiting For This Weekend's Rematch With Army

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It's not often these days that you circle the game against Army as the one you really, really want to win. Those days are long gone in football. In lacrosse however, Syracuse and the armed forces have a love-hate relationship.

Syracuse topped a Navy ream everyone else in the nation was rooting for to win the National Title in 2004. And then there's Army, who frequently shows up on Syracuse's schedule and has actually been a bit of a thorn in our side historically.

They key word being historically. Army isn't supposed to beat Syracuse anymore. And they're certainly not supposed to beat Syracuse in the NCAA Tournament in the Dome. But that's exactly what happened in the first round last year.

The loss was the most shocking SU tourney loss in years. Possibly ever. Inside Lacrosse called it the "Upset of the Year."

As you can imagine, these guys want a little payback.

It's a big game for juniors and seniors but it's just a big a game for No. 22 JoJo Marasco. And his brother Matthew, a defender for Army. Papa Marasco is in for a rough day.

Rich said he is forced to root for his sons individually. If JoJo burns a defender, he'll be happy. If Matthew makes a great play on an Orange midfielder or attack, Rich said he'll clap a little bit. That is, of course, if the great play isn't against JoJo.


"It's not my favorite game to watch when they both go against each other," Rich said. "It's distressing."

Marasco will be looking to make an impact from two different positions, midfield and attack. It's something he did in the Denver game and it's something he wants to keep doing.

Coach Desko gave me the opportunity to play attack and midfield today and I was able to work the ball around pretty well and got some open looks. It’s definitely relieving to go out there and put up four points and be able to help the offense and, I guess as some of you say, live up to it. So it was exciting and definitely relieving.

The Black Knights are 1-1 coming into this game with a 8-5 loss to UMass and a 12-6 win over VMI. Sophomore midfielder Alex Van Krevel scored three goals and senior attackman Jeremy Boltus led all players with six points( (2G, 4A) in the recent win.