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Daily Links: The training of a college and pro player

A few videos to wake you up on this December 22nd morning. Who ever said it was easy to train for lacrosse?

Just take a look at the videos below and it will make you realize just how much time and effort is put into being a national champion or even world champion, let alone a division one athlete.

Villanova recently held their strongman competition where the lacrosse team goes against the baseball team. The pictures are intense and the video is a nice glimpse of what the team's went through.

Watch Hofstra do some crazy workouts in the snow.

Notre Dame head coach Kevin Corrigan shows you some strength and conditioning he does with his team during the pre-season. No wonder Corrigan has brought Notre Dame back to lacrosse existence the past few years.

And lastly, National champion Max Seibald takes you through his off-season workouts in New York City. INTENSE!