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Mikey Powell has the itch for professional lacrosse again?

Mikey Powell to return to the MLL?
Mikey Powell to return to the MLL?

Yesterday word came out that lacrosse star and current recording artist Mikey Powell has registered his name for the Major League Lacrosse player pool that will take place next week.

The same man who provided the highlights below may be back in the M.L.L. and this is potentially huge for the league that is searching for anyone to supplement Paul Rabil as a star and face of the sport. Lets be honest, Rabil isnt the same type of player as Powell. Powell brings another type of action and excitement to the sport.

Mikey, along with his brothers Casey and Ryan, have a huge following from Central New York and could bring even more fans to the stands if he gets picked by the Rochester Rattlers with the first pick in the expansion draft. If Mikey were to join the Rattlers he would add to an already star field attack that includes his brother Casey (recovering from a knee injury) and former number one pick Ned Crotty and fellow Syracuse Orange Mike Leveiile.

More to come on this as we will stay posted before and after the draft next week.