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The dog days of Syracuse

Senior Kevin Drew has been suspended by the head coach John Desko
Senior Kevin Drew has been suspended by the head coach John Desko

We all know what has gone down in Syracuse the past week and a half. With the firing of Bernie Fine, the school has been put into the media limelight. Front and center.

In the lacrosse world, the case of Kevin Drew has been kept quiet. A senior and star defensive midfielder crashes fellow teammate Tim Desko's Chevy Trailblazer into a parked car all the while he was driving while intoxicated. Drew resisted arrest, continued to drive after hitting the parked 1990 Toyota.

In a year that see's the Orange lose a guy like Jovan Miller, Drew was going to be THE man when it came to defensive side at the midfield position. Drew brought speed, fire and excitement to the lineup. He was a guy that out ran opposing defense's week in and week out. But now that will all be gone.

There is no way Syracuse can let Drew back onto their team. As of the incident, Drew has been suspended indefinitely from the lacrosse team. With the culture of the sport being looked at as an elitist game played by kids who are over privileged, letting Drew be able to put on an Orange uniform in the spring would directly correlate to the bad rap the sport tends to get.

More to come on this situation in the morning.

**For those of you who thought College Crosse has been living under a rock lately, we have, but we are proud to say we are back and filtering through the web to find the best lacrosse news out there. Much more to come as we prepare for the 2012 NCAA Men's lacrosse season!!