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Crooked Arrows movie making big steps towards finalizing first lacrosse movie

Crooked Arrows, in theaters 2012
Crooked Arrows, in theaters 2012

The movie that many lacrosse fans are waiting for is almost finished filming and College Crosse has some awesome video footage to show.  Crooked Arrows, a story centered on a Native American lacrosse team making its way through a prep school league tournament (via, is due out in 2012.

The scene, which you can see below, is of the "big game day" where the Crooked Arrows team faces off against a Massachusetts powerhouse.  Some of the best coaches in the country are in attendance for the filming as well as numerous different tribes, including the Six Nations and Onondaga, which came down by the bus load to support the film and be part of the major motion picture.


Check out what some of the biggest names in lacrosse had to say about the video as Gary Gait talks about his excitement for the first ever mainstream lacrosse movie.  Also check out John Desko, Lars Tiffany, Gait and others as they proclaim "I am a Crooked Arrow."

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And watch below as we get a chance to meet the team that was cast as the "Crooked Arrows."