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Syracuse Loses Hakeem Lecky For Season With Wrist Injury

Syracuse is loaded, as usual. There's a lot of veteran leadership and experienced talent ready to power the preseason No. 1 team in the land. That doesn't mean the Orange aren't looking to some freshmen to be a part of that, however. One freshman in particular, midfielder Hakeem Lecky, got signaled out by John Desko as a young player who would have an impact on the season.

Unfortunately for Lecky, Desko and the rest of the Orange, that's no longer the case. According to Dave Rahme, Lecky will likely miss the entire season due to a wrist injury suffered at practice on Wednesday:

"Very disappointed," SU coach John Desko said this afternoon before practice. "I think he was one of the freshmen who was going to get game time right away for us. He was out the front of the line. Now, he’s out of the line. We have some adjustments to make."

"Very quick, fast and very hard to cover," Desko said. "He worked very hard on his shooting and in the weight room over the last year and was a much improved player from high school to prep school to Syracuse. He had already used a year to prep and get better. This is probably going to be frustrating for him. He was ready to go."

As noted, the Orange won't be without talent at the midfield. Jeremy Thompson, Jovan Miller, Josh Amidon and Jeff Gilbert will all be big contributors and leaders. But it would have been nice to throw another quality stick in there, especially if it means Lecky would have that experience for net year when all four of those players are gone.