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College Crosse Weekly Buzz presented by sweet STX Poster Series pic of Joe Walters

Joe Walters; STX Poster Series
Joe Walters; STX Poster Series

I'll start with the What the Heck! of the week and it goes to the NLL's Boston Blazers and their halftime show.  Just watch the video for yourself:

Blazers President and GM Doug Reffue has since apologized

Syracuse Orange head coach John Desko joined Brent Axe on his radio program "On the Block" on ESPN 1260

S.U. Orange beat writer Dave Rhame ask's Coach Desko about playing in so many NFL venues in 2011

The M.L.L. will officially introduce the Hamilton Nationals to the lacrosse world.  The Nationals moved from Toronto to Hamilton, Ontario back in November.

Fromer Syracuse All-American Jeff McCormick named executive producer of very special move; "Crooked Arrows."

Duke weight room gets face lift

Tom Palasek galore, first from Lacrosse Magazine, an audio from Palasek on his transfer and next a formal text version from Inside Lacrosse

Division III Salisbury will get some national air time as ESPN 3 will air one of their games

Notre Dame Fighting Irish have named their captains for the 2011 season; Same with Towson

UMass lacrosse checks in after their first day of practice

University of Central Florida team's up with Universal Lacrosse of New Jersey to create some pretty sweet gloves for their upcoming season