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John McElroy, President of Sticksmen's Club at Syracuse University, Passes Away

The entire sport of lacrosse lost one of their biggest fans last week as John McElroy passed away at the age of 79. McElroy lost his battle to cancer in Manlius, New York.

McElroy was the President Emeritus of the Syracuse Lacrosse Stickmen's Club, which was much more than a fan club. 

The Stickmen's Club is an organization supported by Syracuse University and its Orange Club to support the Syracuse Unversity men's lacrosse program within NCAA guidelines though fund raising and events that promote close relations among players, coaches, alumni, families, friends, and fans.

Many people called him "Mr. Mac" and everywhere he went people knew him.  One of the nicest guys you will meet, McElroy lived and died for Syracuse Lacrosse.  Lacrosse wasnt just a sport to McElroy, it was a way of life.  There was something about his smile and the way he walked around tailgates that just made you know you were at a Syracuse lacrosse game and/or event.

Mr Mac, along with his son Tim, were often times the first face you saw entering the Carrier Dome and the last face you saw as the tailgate was being packed up.  I was fortunate enough to talk with his son Tim many times about the club and just what lacrosse meant to him.

Many lacrosse teams and universities don't have the commrodery that the Syracuse Lacrosse program has and it wasnt felt more than when you saw people hugging and high fiving after every Orange goal and win.  McElroy was always in the middle of those hugs.

He sat in his normal section for every home game at the Carrier Dome.  Right underneath the radio booth where he sat with his son and former Orange coach Roy Simmons Jr.