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Where Have you Gone Mike Powell?

From Mikey to Powell the Polite Rebel
From Mikey to Powell the Polite Rebel

After watching the video below, it always makes me wonder, where have you gone Mikey Powell? The obvious answer is he is chasing a dream of singing and songwriting, and he is pretty damn good at it as well.  But we can still ask the question cant we?

I know I am not the only one who loved watching Mikey, and the all the Powell brothers play lacrosse.  I was in the Dome when Mike did the "flip" against UMass.  I remember watching him on Memorial Day against Navy in the Championship game.  I would love to watch him play a little more.  Powell has been very open about the fact that once the sport of lacrosse starts getting money involved, things change (see Post-Standard interview below), and Powell is very adament that he isnt in it for the money. 

When all is said and done, I do reccomend going to see Mike play a show if he is in a town near you.  He played with the small folk/jam band Barefoot Truth about three weeks ago in NYC and sounded very good.   He goes by his stage name Powell the Polite Rebel these days and has traded in the lacrosse stick for a 6-string.  I suggest the tracks Lou Anne and No Horizon if you are looking for a taste of Powell. 

Mike Powell, former Syracuse lacrosse star, and his music