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NHL Center Rob Schremp: "Both sports are like a Brotherhood"

N.Y. Islanders Center and Fulton native Rob Schremp
N.Y. Islanders Center and Fulton native Rob Schremp

Rob Schremp could talk about the similarities between hockey and lacrosse for hours.  Unfortunately, he had a morning skate to attend to prepare for his Monday night game as his New York Islanders team took on the Nashville Predators. 

Both hockey and lacrosse share very similar aspects.  Lacrosse is called the fastest game on two feet while hockey is often considered the fastest sport on ice.  From hand eye coordination to the level of physicality in both sports, its no wonder why many professional hockey players grew up playing lacrosse.  Case in point, N.Y. Islanders center and YouTube sensation, Rob Schremp. 

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"The two sports are very similar in every sense," said Schremp, the 2003-2004 Ontario Hockey League (O.H.L.) rookie of the year.  Craddling a [lacrosse] stick is the same exact movements you use with stick handling a puck.  Passing and shooting are exactly the same as well, from following through to your target to keeping your head up when you are making a play." 

A native of Fulton, N.Y., just about 30 miles from Syracuse University, Schremp grew up idolizing the Gait brothers and loved watching all three of the Powell brothers play in the Carrier Dome.  "I was very influenced by the Orangemen," said Schremp yesterday after his morning skate.  "I used to go watch the Gait brothers when i was really young and then i used to love watching the Powell brothers dominate their careers." 

Schremp spoke about how hockey and lacrosse are two sports where hands and footwork are integral keys to a successful career in the sport.  "The game of lacrosse and hockey are very similar sports as far as using your hands and hand eye coordination, as well as foot work," said Schremp.  "I played lax for three years when i was a kid."  With a family full of athletes, (his brother Tyler  played lacrosse before playing amateur hockey for the Syracuse Jr. Crunch and his cousin Jeff was a player and coach for the Clarkson University lacrosse team), its no surprise to see the competitive side of Schremp come out, especially when talking about the indoor game of lacrosse. 

"I would love to play indoor lacrosse," said Schremp.  " I would definitely love to challenge myself and see how I would do on the turf."  Playing alongside former #1 overall pick John Tavares, whose uncle John is a professional box lacrosse player and career leader in goals, assists and points for the National Lacrosse League (N.L.L.), both Schremp and Tavares often talk lacrosse and have a catch during their off time.  "John and I talk about lacrosse sometimes and talk about his uncle and how he is doing," said Schremp.