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Every lacrosse fans has memories, here are a few of my most recent memories, off the top of my head.  Here is Part I of my SU/Army Round 1 of 2010 NCAA Playoff Memory 


I guess I am a bit biased with my stories or memories I should say, but as manager for the Syracuse Orange lacrosse team for two years, the stories are a plenty.  I guess memories really depend on your mood and how you are feeling that day sort of reminds you of something different. 

Today, the memory I felt like sharing was that of S.U.'s most recent NCAA playoff game against Army.  Its the type of game you want to erase from your memory but just cant seem to because it nags at you and eats away at you.  Now you may be saying, I was never on the field and meant nothing to the game statistically, but being a part of that team, I will remember it forever.

The whole day leading up the game felt weird.  It was graduation day, the campus was packed, there was a ton going on and to think that there was a playoff lacrosse game the same day as all that, it just felt weird, felt strange.  Things just didnt feel right.  It was a night game and there was alot of sitting around.  That isnt to say Syracuse lacrosse didnt have their fair share of night games that season, it just seemed this one, this day, this game, we just kept waiting and waiting.  Even after the pre game meal, the four hours before the opening faceoff felt like a day.

Once gametime finally rolled around, the guys were pumped up, the Dome was beginning to fill up and it seemed like things were back to normal.  But they werent.

Maybe it was because Army always had our number per say.  Maybe it was because Army wasnt like any other 1st round opponent.  Maybe it was because Army didnt really play, look act or feel like a first round opponent.  Theres no doubt the guys took Army seriously.  How couldnt you?