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A Little Background

As this site gets ready to take off, I just wanted to give a little background and bio on myself and where I see this site going in the near future.  FIrst and foremost, along with Sean Keeley and Kevin Powers, we plan on taking the lacrosse world by storm with this blog.  Lacrosse junkies at heart, the three of us plan on giving you the fans the most in depth and up to date lacrosse information thats possible. 


Now, as for myself, I grew up on Long Island, watched lacrosse since I was 10 and picked up on the sport when nearly all of my friends played and I found myself watching their games and often times helping out the high school team with some stats and also doing some writing for the school paper (I do have to admit I was a baseball guy in high school, playing throughout high school and a little in college). 


I then moved on to Springfield College in Springfield, MA where I spent two years both covering and working for the Men's Lacrosse team in Western Mass.  After two years covering the Pride, I moved on to Syracuse University where I studied journalism and also followed S.U. lacrosse greatly.  I was an SU lacrosse junky.  I then spent a summer interning for Inside Lacrosse and now here I am.


Ive seen numerous great games and have had talks with some of the best players and coaches the lacrosse world has ever seen.  I am looking forward to sharing those stories and many more with you as we begin this lacrosse blog and as the 2011 NCAA Lacrosse season gets under way.


Please join us for the ride.... Images_medium