We are the 97 Percent


"The student-athletes who play those games in FBS football and men’s basketball and show up on national TV constitute 3 percent of the total of NCAA athletes," Emmert said. "But that’s how the world sees it – it sees the sliver of the 3 percent. If you look at it from the perspective of the 97 percent – the vast majority – you see other issues and other concerns and other challenges," he continued. "For us, as we make decisions, as you collectively – and each of your governing bodies – make decisions, we need to make sure that the success of the 3 percent doesn’t come at the cost of the 97 percent."

Emmert spits some truth, but (a) he's still a clown, and (b) the 97% will always be the tail on the dog.

Betting on Lacrosse


Chinese students aren’t the only ones sought by American colleges looking for students who can afford to pay. Another target: lacrosse players. Historically, lacrosse has been most popular in Upstate New York and the Middle Atlantic states and many colleges outside those regions didn’t field teams. Now, Midwestern liberal arts colleges are starting teams. They hope to benefit from lacrosse’s growing popularity, which means that many students who fall in love with the sport aren’t good enough to land a spot on the team of a traditional powerhouse in the Northeast corridor. But because the sport is popular in prep schools and well-off suburbs, the odds are that many of those lacrosse players are able to afford college on their own. And while lacrosse is growing in popularity for men and women alike, the population of male "full pay" students is in short supply at many liberal arts colleges — and that’s part of why you are seeing more teams in different parts of the country.

How lacrosse, China and adjuncts are changing higher ed



Saturdays @jhumenslacrosse @MDTerpsLacrosse game is now officially sold out #gohop

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I'm told current Cornell players haven't been given an explanation on DeLuca decision. Told virtually same thing that press release states.

From Lacrosse Magazine's Corey McLaughlin

Rob Pannell Reacts to the DeLuca Dismissal


"This comes as a complete surprise to me, the alumni, the current team and all those involved with Cornell Lacrosse," Pannell said. "I am sure Cornell and the Cornell athletics department has reasoning for the decision, but my opinion and the opinion of many others is there is no better person for the Cornell head coaching job than Ben DeLuca. It is an incident like this that will change a program forever."

Lacrosse Magazine

Eric Seremet Still in the Hospital, Children Released


A team spokesperson said Eric Seremet was still in the hospital mid-day Monday in "good condition." The couple's two daughters were out of the hospital.

From Lacrosse Magazine



Johnell Barnes, a freshman wide receiver, and John Shaffer, a sophomore midfielder, had to be separated at Shooters II Saloon between midnight and 1 a.m. Sunday after both were seen sustaining injuries.

Nothing good happens after midnight.

Thanks, Government


The Mlax scrimmage vs UMBC has been postponed as per the Dept of Defense mandate. No other information is available at this time.

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Shocker is Back!


Chris LaPierre's medical hardship waiver has been approved and he will return to the field for the Cavaliers in 2014 #UVALAX— Virginia Lacrosse (@UVAMensLacrosse) June 10, 2013